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How To make Real money on IQ Option ?


You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Before trading in the complex financial products offered, please ensure to understand the risks involved.

2-is IQ Option a scam ?

IQ Option hasn’t raised any Scam suspicions so far. In fact, IQ Option is a transparent brokerage, operated by a fully regulated company that has been in business for a long time without any major “incidents”.

3- How IQ Option Works ?

  • Basically if you expect the chart to be up click Call
  • if you expect the chart to be down click Put
  • and you can set the duration of the trade (if you choose 1 minute you have 30 sec to determine if the chart will go up or down)

4-Payment methods

Minimum Deposit is 10$

Withdraw money is so easy and it only takes 2 days to receive the payment

5-This me your boy VFXdownload Admin Trading like a pro

i could of been lousing that money, but i don’t care i started with a 100$ so if i louse my life will not change, that’s why i always risk it all but you need to be careful because you will end up lousing all of your money unless you have a strategy  that’s why i’m gonna share my strategy with you so you can win more and loose less

6-Sharing my strategy

before i share my strategy with you and you become the next millionaire  you need to be familiar with iq option website and software so if you see that big button bellow click it and sign up check the website … and download the software play with the demo account


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7- My Strategy

warning: this strategy may not work for you ! so i’m not responsible if you loose “you have been warned “okay .. well we know for sure that most of the trader louse , that’s a fact

in the iq option software there is an indicator they call it “Traders Mood” that show how many traders predict that the chart will go up or down

like in the example above if you see a lot of people expected that the chart will be lower (down) ==>it means that the chart is going up so you should press the Call Button 

that’s when the most people louse there money but not you YOU will be wining

i’m not asking you to believe me you should test this yourself NO JOCK worked for me , its simple yet effective but most people won’t do it and they follow the majority of traders like sheep and they end up loosing


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Quick Tips

  • DO NOT Deposit 10$ and expect to be rich
  • Don’t over think and complicate things just follow your instance
  • Deposit at least a 100$ (recommended)
  • If you loose your first trade call the day off and try tomorrow
  • if you WIN your first trade  withdraw your money immediately and try next week
  • if you become a millionaire just don’t forget about me